Gypsy jazz lovers from around the world meet each summer in the small French town of Samois sûr Seine to commemorate their musical hero, Django Reinhardt. For one week, camp sites surrounding the town are taken over by guitarists, violinists, bass and accordion players. Music sounds all day long!

For over ten years, the Strong and Silent Types have been part of this colorful annual gathering along the banks of the River Seine. In the early years the week tended to be spent drinking small French pints, whereas later on the focus shifted towards long days and nights of happy jamming. Each year, the camp ground’s bar is the location of the now historic debate regarding who it was that, in a moment of sheer clarity of mind, suggested to combine forces into the Strong and Silent Types. The answer remains a mystery, but no matter whom it was, it has proven to be a fabulous idea!

Boris Nauta: accordion
Boris grew up with his accordion in his lap, leading his parents to despair. After a yearlong flirt with the piano during which Boris played in a number of obscure jazz formations, he has now reached his final destination. Boris rocks, swings, screams and cries: he is not quite the silent type!

John Ligthart: solo guitar
Along with a bunch of unhygenic buddies, John used to shake up local venues with his heavy metal and his complimentary hair-do. When his hair finally got cut, he realized what many others had realized before him: this was no longer acceptable in the 90s! After long years of lonely guitar training, he is back and here to stay.

Marcel Snijders: double bass
Marcel’s bass playing is the sharpest of sharpest. He is the Strong and Silent Types’ shoulder to lean on. Now and again, Marcel takes a day off to fool around with some classical music – only to return quickly and shamefully.

Martien Peerdeman: rhythm guitar
Martien is the kind of guy that you can count on. When put to work, he does what he does best. Together with Marcel, he takes care of the solid rhythm that is so characteristic of the Strong and Silent Types.